Join 18 Renowned Guest Speakers And Career Experts In This "No Cost" Tele-Summit As They Share Their Strategies To Help You Make A Bigger Impact, Accomplish More In Less Time And Ultimately
Achieve Greater Success and Recognition



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January 19th to February 1st, 2016
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    If you’re not convinced yet, let me ask you some questions:

    Do you feel stuck, unable to move forward in your career or business?

    Do you have a goal or dream and don't have the belief or confidence to realize it?

    Do you desire to make a bigger impact and just don't know how?

    Do you feel overworked, overscheduled and generally overwhelmed by how much there is to do in a day?

    Are you getting the success or recognition you deserve in your career or organization?

    Do you want to make positive changes or improvements in your career or business and just don't know how or where to start?

    So many executives, managers and leaders – who are committed to their personal success – are having a hard time getting the results or recognition they want in their career!

    And if this is happening to you, I suspect it's not because you lack the passion, motivation, talent or commitment to make it happen.

    Instead, I'll venture to say that the problem is that you lack the know how to make it happen.

    That is the reason I'm hosting this 100% FREE Virtual Tele-Summit where 18 Guest Speakers and Career Experts are going to reveal their best career strategies and tactics for you!

    I've Brought Together An Amazing Team Of Experts To Share With You The Best and Most Effective Career Strategies and Tactics Used Today!

    I felt inspired to make it my personal mission to make sure that this was not just your run-of-the-mill Tele-summit or virtual meet and greet. Who has time for that?

    So I decided 3 things:

    1. The guest speakers and career experts would all be highly knowledgeable and experienced in their topic
    2. The event would be a "No Fluff Zone" – value packed with best, easiest, most effective tips and techniques to help you in your career or business
    3. The entire thing would be absolutely, completely, FREE. The interviews, the recordings, everything – gratis!

    And I'm thrilled to say that with the help of these incredibly generous experts, we've accomplished all 3!

    In this one-of-a-kind Career and Success Training, you'll learn:

    How to get out of a performance slump

    Signs and symptoms of burnout

    Easy ways to shift from limited thinking to infinite possibility

    How to get clear on your primary passions

    Strategies for building more meaningful, more authentic professional connections

    How you could be sabotaging your success

    The key ingredients of executive presence and why it matters for your career growth

    How to create your resilience roadmap

    Best practices to maximize your team’s performance

    How to live a passionate career

    Tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile

    How to master your mind to master your life

    Personal and career self-management strategies that work best for you

    Strategies to boost your confidence

    How to achieve mental mastery

    And much, much more!

    Register Now!

    January 19th to February 1st, 2016
    Complete the form below to get access to the"2016 Catapult Your Career Success Summit" speaker series.


      All you need is a telephone or computer to participate from anywhere in the world in this incredible event, which runs from January 19th to February 1st, 2016.

      (Even if you can't join us live,
      register to receive your free recordings.)

      Your Questions Answered…

      Why this Tele-summit? Why now?

      Plain and simple: Too many executives, managers and leaders are struggling to make a bigger impact, to accomplish more in less time or to achieve greater success and recognition.

      And we thought it was high-time we change this! We wanted to make sure you get the tools to become more effective leaders. Did I mention this was a "No-Fluff Zone"?

      Where is the event located?

      This ongoing Tele-seminar series is entirely virtual – no travel required. You’ll access the interviews from the comfort of your home or office by dialing in via phone, Skype, Internet webcast or download the recordings and listen to them at your leisure.

      When does the event take place?

      This Tele-summit will be held daily between January 19th to February 1st, 2016. Sessions will be 11am and/or 2pm Eastern time (8am and/or 11am Pacific Time). However, ALL SESSION RECORDINGS will be posted within 24 hours following each call and are yours to access absolutely FREE for up to 72 hours following each call.

      What do I get when I sign up?

      You’ll get invites to all the guest speaker sessions. Please check your email daily beginning January 19th, 2016 for important information on each of the sessions.

      You’ll get unlimited access to each training call for 72 hours following the call.

      You’ll get to attend 2 "live" Q&A calls where you can get your career related questions answered.

      You’ll get the opportunity to download free gifts from the speakers, if you so choose.

      What’s the investment?

      Nothing. Nada. No strings attached. This Tele-seminar series is completely free as our gift to you.

      An event like this, with all of these top speakers and experts would normally cost thousands of dollars! But this Tele-seminar series is completely free as our gift to you.

      And you get a BONUS too: Many speakers have a special gift for just signing up!

      I urge you to join thousands of other motivated executives, managers and leaders who are committed to personal and professional success by registering for this unprecedented learning opportunity now.

      Can’t wait to "see" you on the calls!

      Linda Cattelan MBA

      Career Acceleration Coach

      P.S. Remember, you’ll get to listen in as 18 renowned speakers and career experts share tangible "how to" information about what it takes to be successful in your career or business.

      PLUS, you’ll also get gifts from many of these mentors – absolutely free!

      I can tell you, I have immense respect and gratitude for each and every one of these amazing guest speakers and career experts….and I know you will too when you hear what they have to share.

      About Your Host

      Linda Cattelan MBA

      Executive & Career Acceleration Coach, and President/CEO of Results Catalyst Inc., a professional coaching and training company.

      Linda brings over 10 years experience as an Executive & Leadership Development Coach as well as 25 years of corporate experience in the financial services sector, much at the executive level working for some of the largest financial institutions in North America where she progressed into increasingly senior level roles. Recognized as a career expert, Linda is a supremely disciplined and strategic catalyst for change, with a superior track record coaching and mentoring individuals and teams to consistently achieve outstanding results. Published works include: content and editorial support to Human Resources Development Canada for the development of "Mentoring for Business Organizations", contributing author of the Canadian best selling networking book "The Power of Women United" as well as co-author alongside Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield of "Stepping Stones to Success", a book on strategies for mastering business, life and relationships.

      Linda’s Unique Value Statement: "I am committed to helping managers, executives and leaders take control over their own careers." Since 2011, over 2000 career professionals and 75 career experts from around the globe have participated in the Catapult Your Career Success Summit.

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