How Self Aware Are You?

Self awareness is a key leadership competency which is sometimes undervalued and much overlooked in leadership development. To be self aware means to really know yourself including how you are wired, behavioral traits and preferences, habits, motivations, emotional responses as well as your thought processes. Self aware leaders are introspective and have a really good, conscious sense of self without being self critical. Does this resonate with you?

Take this quiz to see how self aware you really are. For each statement indicate if it is True or False for you. Be honest with yourself!

  • I know why it’s easy for me to connect with some people and not with others
  • I have a great sense of which tasks are easy and enjoyable for me and which ones are just plain drudgery
  • I know how to make the most of my strengths
  • I have a really good understanding of my blind spots and what to do to compensate for them
  • I know how to foster high performance teams
  • I know how to optimize my personal productivity and effectiveness
  • I know how to bring out the best in myself and in others even under stress
  • I have tremendous understanding and impact and influence over others
  • I am able to easily identify behavioral styles others use as well as how to best respond to them appropriately
  • I know where I am vulnerable and prone to excess in using my strengths
  • I am aware of how my preferred behavioral style changes under stress and the impact of that on others
  • Self aware leaders make better leaders

If you answered True for 10 or more of the above statements, congratulations! You are probably very self aware already and likely attracting a great deal of success.

If you answered True for 6 to 9 statements, you probably have some self awareness but could benefit from becoming even more self aware.

If you answered True for less than 6 statements, you could definitely benefit from some increased self awareness through self assessment tools and/or self awareness coaching.

Self aware leaders make better leaders. They have an interpersonal compass that guides them to get the most out of themselves and others. If you are looking to better understand yourself, the best place to start is from the inside. Self assessment tools (like The LIFO® Method) can be highly beneficial in helping you understand how you are wired, how you may be perceived by others, what your blind spots are and how to get the most out of yourself and others.

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